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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting 23/02/2021

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting


Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bru, Yuni, Carol, Nuria, Silvia, Angela, Juanli, Andres, Pablo.


1. Grant application process from the Generalitat de Catalunya.
The memory and budget documents are already being prepared. It will take at least 2 months to have 80%. They can be executed from 1/1 or from the time they are resolved until 31/10.

2. Grant application process with the City Council
In principle it will be faster than GenCat. What is put in the budget must agree with what is presented in the justification. Some banks advance the amount if the AAPP does not pay the agreement at the beginning. It is necessary to ask for budget for the labor agency (SS and contracts of 3 workers) and of accounting (annual accounts): Possible options: Cop de Ma and Colectiu Ronda.

3. Triodos Bank
They asked us again for documentation that in principle had been explained to us that it was not necessary. We have it almost finished.


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