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What is Decidim?

The Decidim community


Metadecidim is the community of Decidim, the digital platform for citizen participation made with free software and open source. A democratic community that manages the Decidim project in all its dimensions.

What we do

The community is open to any person or institution that wants to participate in the debate, the proposal and the execution of relevant issues of the Decidim platform such as the (re)design of the futures, the improvement projects and their uses and future possibilities.

Where are we

Metadecidim has as its main channel, a Decidim instance that serves specifically to articulate community participation in a broad framework of processes. At the same time, it serves as a space for experimentation, as it is the place to test new platform functionalities, detect improvements and collect proposals for new features. But we also work through multiple channels and spaces of organization (SOM, LABs, Decidim FEST o anteriores JAM) to ensure democratic governance of the project.

How we organize ourselves

Community meetings

Presentation: The encounters of the Decidim community and its thematic groups. It is the continuity of the SOM (SOM Metadecidim).

Objectives: An open, reflexive and collaborative space of participation about the multiple dimensions of the Decidim project to share use cases of Decidim, to give support to new installations, to solve doubts and to empower citizens to appropriate the tool, to contribute to its development and to be co-participants in its construction.

Who can be interested: municipal technicians or other institutions, hackers, researchers, experts, social organizations and citizens in general; that is, any person interested in thinking, choosing and implementing improvements.

Periodicity: every two months

LAB Metadecidim, research seminars

Presentation: A space for open and collaborative research aimed at addressing key issues for the development of the Decidim platform and networked democracy.

Objectives: To consolidate a space of research and scientific debate that contributes to guide the work of development of Decidim, to build networks and communities of experts interested in contributing to that development in its different fronts, to contribute in the realization of applied or theoretical research around Decidim and to constitute an open place of research and debate around the networked democracy in a wider sense.

Who may be interested: universities, research groups and centres, specialised companies, experts, professionals, hackers and expert citizens 

Periodicity: none


Presentation: DecidimFEST is the annual conference of the Decidim project and its community Metadecidim. It is the continuity of the JAM (Annual Metadecidim Meeting).

Objectives: public presentation of the project, of the last version of the software and of the advances in the development of the platform. Celebration of work sessions, hackatons and specialized conferences. It is also a space to share experiences with other cities and organizations to rethink in an open, transparent and collaborative way the future of Decidim.

Who can be interested: the Metadecidim community, the citizens and in general any person who is in the productive ecosystem of Decidim (institutions, companies and social organizations, etc.)

Periodicity: annual


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