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What is Decidim?

How can I participate?

Anyone can participate in Metadecidim. There are many ways to do it, some more specific to the software -improving documentation or translations, reporting bugs or proposing improvements-, but you can also participate in discussions about the governance of the community (find out how we organize ourselves).

Having a lively community is crucial to this project, so we encourage you to find out what is the best way for you to contribute to the commons! đŸŒ±


Suggest new features

Design and develop Decidim together. You can create debates about the future of Decidim or propose new functions or improvements. The proposals can receive support and comments, to show, for example, the interest they arouse in the community and to evaluate their development. Proposals that have a sponsor (such as a city council or any other entity), responsible for seeking and providing the necessary resources to carry out their development, will be useful for the project. Sing up and join .

Report a bug

Collaboration for continuous improvement. Each new version (release) of Decidim incorporates new functionalities and usability improvements, but not always everything works at first and errors can appear. Here you can report the bugs you find. This way you help the development team to fix them quickly. Sing up and join.

Join the translation team

You can also translate Decidim in your language, as the software is already translatable in more than 60 languages on Crowdin! Create an account on Crowdin, ask to join your language translation team, and start translating! You can find us here:

If you don't find your language, feel free to ask our maintainers on the related Element channel!

On the net

Join the Element space or telegram channel if you haven't already, or go into the community group. Follow us on Twitter and/or join the conversation with the following hashtag #metadecidim!


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