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Packing the interface simplifications by the Brazilian experience

Avatar: Laboratório Lappis
Laboratório Lappis

Target audience: Developers, UX designers, Project managers

Engaging people with the most diverse backgrounds in participation platforms is a global challenge. This challenge involves offering participatory processes where the rules of the game are clear and make sense considering people's everyday problems. In addition, it is necessary to model the choice architectures in a simple and direct way so that the participants can easily visualize what they need to do in order to leave their contributions, reducing the participation barriers as much as possible, like number of clicks and the complexity of the interfaces.

During the experience of using the Decidim platform in the process for participatory planning priorities of the Federal Government of Brazil for the period 2024-2027, adaptations and simplifications of the Decidim standard interface were developed and are being packaged in a plugin to be made available to the global community.

The objective of this workshop is to do a hands-on dive into the main elements of this development so that participants feel empowered to use the developed solution and improve it for the benefit of the global community.

The workshop will have a duration of 2 hours and a hands-on methodology, divided as follows:

30 minutes: Technical details of the developed solution

30 minutes: Brainstorming with prioritization of key opportunities for improvement

45 minutes: In groups, participants will be invited to formulate small improvement projects

15 minutes: The groups briefly present the formulated projects, documenting them in issues in the project repositories

The session will be held in Spanish and English

Logistic needs: Desks to accommodate notebooks and that can be organized into 4 to 6 workgroups, WiFi Internet, Projector

Maximum number of participants: 30 people

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 3




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