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Mainstreaming emergent Computational Democracy Platforms

Avatar: Gerard Fox
Gerard Fox

Speaker Profile: Gerard Fox. Lecturer/Researcher in Strategic Design in IADT Dublin, Ireland

Lightening Talk

Mainstreaming emergent Computational Democracy platforms
Exploring the potential of focused collaborations between three distinct but complimentary domains of expertise.
1. Computational Deliberative Democracy expertis [Decidim,, vTaiwan, Fora etc]
2. Social Sciences: eg. Political/Social/Behavioural Sciences expertise
3. Design: Co-Creation frameworks for Systems/Service/User-Experience digital product design. Also Storytelling, presentation, rhetoric to enhance buy-in.

Main principles covered:
— Problems with current Representative Democracy Systems
— Advantages of emerging Computational Democracy and deliberative democracy
— Citizens Assembly case study [case studies: Ireland, Marriage Equality + Pro Choice]
— Potential of collaboration to develop next phase of these platforms
— Creating Tipping Points: Potential of dissemination strategies: narratives, platforms, endorsements

PDF attached is not the presentation planned, but an indicative set of my typical slides to indicate the general tone and framing of a presentation.

Language of the session: English
Logistical needs: I would be presenting this as a slideshow in Keynote from a Mac Laptop



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