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Broken metrics task: results (wrong SQL query)

Avatar: Deleted participant
Deleted participant
We have an application running Decidim 0.16.0, the task bundle exec rake decidim:metrics:one["results"] generates the following error: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::GroupingError: ERROR: column "" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function LINE 1: ...ipatory_space_id", ORDER BY "decidim_a... I've been unable to replicate this in the development_app (there it does not happen). The closest I've get is pointing our application and the development_app both to a cloned Decidim repo on 0.16 and comparing the generated SQL queries (they differ in some points). Here I've pasted both queries: I suspect of the extra ORDER BY "decidim_accountability_results"."id" ASC present in the erroneous query, but I can't guess where it comes from.


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