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This incidence has been solved. Closed via #5275

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The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.

Avatar: CodiTramuntana
The first time you've made a form (in a Meeting Registration Form, and in Surveys Component) if you create questions with answer options, (Single Choice or Multiple Choice) these are not saved properly. There are two cases: 1- If the first question is kind of "no AnswerOptions" (short or long answer), when you enter to edit, the Questions with Single Choice or Multiple Choice, the answer options are empty. 2- If the first question is kind of "with AnswerOptions", when you enter to edit the form, the first question has all the answer options and the rest of the questions have the answer options empty. If you edit / update the form, then are saved correctly. We found this at Gencat, but also happens in branch "master".


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