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Changes at "I can't publish the answer to the proposals"

Avatar: Ariadna Vila
Ariadna Vila


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    Describe the bug

    In component proposals, I wanted to respond to proposals (accepted, rejected) but wait for the right time to publish those responses. Therefore, I did not check the option \"Publish proposal responses immediately\". Then, when I went back to check this option, the responses were still not published. 

    To reproduce

    1. Create a proposal component. Leave unchecked the option \"Publish proposal responses immediately\". 
    2. Add proposals and answer them (accept, reject). 
    3. You will see the responses in the backoffice, but not published. 
    4. Go to the component configuration page. 
    5. Check the option \"Publish proposal answers immediately\". Save. 
    6. You'll see that the answers will keep unpublished. 



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