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This proposal has been accepted

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • It is funded by Angers
  • Developed by Open Source Politics 
  • Waiting for PR

Budgets PX enhancements

Avatar: Lucas Hamani
Lucas Hamani
Accepted / In progress
As of today, most of our clients (@OSP) use Decidim for participatory budgets and we have been collecting users (participants in this case) feedbacks for the last few months. Most of them point towards the lack of clarity from the workflow. Here are a few examples of the feedback we have had : - "I wasn't sure my vote was taken into account since I didn't receive any mail confirmation and I didn't make out any visual differences in the design before and after I voted. - "After I selected the projects I wanted to support, I had not notice that I had to confirm my choices for my vote to be saved" => we observed that 20% to 25% of participants don't go through with the confirmation process for every participatory budget we are involved with. - "There was a very long list of projects to choose from. The actual design of the projects makes it hard to identify quickly what the project is about and what category it belongs to. Going through all the pages, I was afraid to miss out on a project I really wanted to support". We propose to address those participants difficulties through a series of enhancements. We already started to work on some of them, others are still works in progress. You can find them here => We plan to test and iterate on them during the coming weeks before considering any merge.


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