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Enhance the meeting index page and map

Avatar: Pauline Bessoles
Pauline Bessoles

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The meeting list could give the possibility to filter events by type and three different colours could be shown on the map, depending if an event is in-person, online or official.

Describe the solution you'd like

Event map colour code

The meetings index already distinguish between the types of users that created the meetings (Official, Citizens or Groups). The official meetings are the ones created from the Back-End, while the citizens and groups meetings are user generated meetings. 

On the map, we want official events to be displayed in red colour.

  • Red meetings would therefore be official meetings.
  • If the event does not meet this condition and is an online meeting, it will be colour-coded yellow.
  • If the event does not meet the two previous condition, it will be colour-coded blue.

Filter section enhancement

  • Add a filter section for “Meeting types” (In-person or Online). 
  • Add the meeting type on the meeting cards in the event index. When clicked, the index is filtered.

Additional informations

Linked to this proposal: Enhance user generated meetings workflow

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European commission



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