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Enable registrations for user generated meetings

Avatar: Pauline Bessoles
Pauline Bessoles

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Meetings created by users don't allow users to register in any way.

Describe the solution you'd like

As an admin, I'd like to be able to enable registrations for meetings created by users and user groups.

  • Add a config flag in meeting config to enable or disable the possibility for users to enable registrations for their meeting.

Mock-up for meeting config :

As a user creating a meeting, I'd like to be able to select if I want to enable registrations for my meeting.

  • Add a drop-down field in meeting creation form that displays two options : "Registrations disabled", "Registrations enabled".

If the user selects "registrations disabled", no other field is displayed.

If the user selects "Registrations enabled", two fields are displayed:

  • Available slots for this meeting : if set on 0 -> unlimited slots available
  • Registrations terms (WYSIWYG) -> mandatory.

Mock-up for meeting creation form :

As a regular user, I want to be able to register to a meeting.

  • Add a "Join meeting" button on the meetings created by users page.
  • When clicked, a modal opens, displaying the Registration terms for the meeting and a "Confirm button". Mock-up :

The user that registered to the meeting should be treated as all other meetings participants : becoming automatically a meeting follower, receiving notifications on Decidim and by mail, etc.

Additional context

This feature proposal take place in a broader improvement of the meetings component.

See this complementary proposal: Enable external registration links

Could this impact on users private data?

It depends. There are 2 options:

  1. Simply enable participants to register and to receive notifications, as for participants to official meetings, but do not authorize meeting author to access any list of emails. This feature loses some of its interest, but is still interesting as participants can automatically follow the meeting and receive mail notifications.
  2. Enable meetings authors to access the list of participants to their meetings: it implies a lot of GDPR questions, and adds some developments to this specification: where could this list could be accessible? How to deal with the conservation and deletion of those data? Etc.

Funded by

European Commission



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