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Config flag to allow to go over budget on Budget component

Avatar: Pauline Bessoles
Pauline Bessoles

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

In almost all municipalities, the participatory budget is both offline and online. For the ones that use the vote per project (ex: max number of projects to be voted on = 5), the fact that the total cost of the projects selected cannot be greater than the global envelope is a problem.

As a matter of fact, the calculation of the total cost of the projects is easy with Decidim, but a real problem for citizens voting with ballots. The ballot of a citizen who selected 5 projects which cost exceeds the global envelope shouldn't be null, offline as online.

Describe the solution you'd like

As an admin, I'd like to be able to enable participants to select a specific number of projects, event if their total cost exceed the participatory budget global envelope.

  • Add a config flag in Budget config to enable participants to go "over budget"
  • This config flag should only appear when the "Minimum number of projects to be voted on" or "Maximum number of projects to be voted on" voting rule has been selected

As a user, I want to be able to understand when I'll be able to confirm my vote.

  • Hide progress bar when this feature is enabled
  • Add a layout to explain the configured voting rules, as it already exists for Proposals.

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UPDATE - August 7, 2020

This proposal has been withdrawn because this feature has been incorporated into this one : Maximum number of vote per project on Budget component.



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