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Integrate a homepage slider

Avatar: Ariadna Vila
Ariadna Vila

From Participa gencat, we have been requested to integrate a slider in the Decidim’s homepage.  

This feature will allow to share much more information in the homepage in an easier and more visual way than it’s allowed now. This can be a good feature for the interaction in the web. Any non experienced user will be able to find quicly a lot of information about Decidim, or about an specific process or assemblie. 

That's why It would be a great idea to add the sliders in the basic Decidim. 

**Describe the solution you'd like** Each slide will contain a Title, a description, an image and a CTA. The content can be scrolled with the buttons below o by sliding the image. 

I show below an example of how the slide feature can be seen. You can also visit **Does this issue could impact on users private data?** No **Funded by**

La Generalitat de Catalunya



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