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This proposal has been implemented

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • It is funded by Mainio Tech
  • Developed by Mainio Tech
  • Available in release 0.25 via #7819

Ability to disable the participatory space filters

Avatar: AH

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Right now Decidim shows the participatory space filters (scope and area) on the processes listing page.

For many instances these are confusing when we have only 1-2 processes or when we are not using the areas at all. The scopes popup is also impossible to use as reported by many actual users, and even if it was usable, many times it would be also unnecessary in cases where we have only few processes.

I'd say the filters may be handy when there are tens or hundreds of processes to filters from, which is not many times the case.

Describe the solution you'd like
I'd like to have a technical core configuration option that would allow me to disable these filters when entering a participatory space (processes or assemblies).

The configuration option would be applied in the Decidim initializer e.g as follows:

  Decidim.configure do |config|
    # ...
    config.enable_participatory_space_filters = false
    # ...

By default they would be enabled so that this wouldn't affect any existing instances.

Describe alternatives you've considered
Right now we are doing the same customization in every instance we make where we remove the filters from these views.

Additional context
We haven't seen the use for these filter options in any instances we've developed so far.

I do believe they can be useful when there are 10s or 100s of processes to filter from.

Does this issue could impact on users private data?

Funded by
Mainio Tech



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