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An assembly is a group of members of an organization who meet periodically to make decisions about a specific area or scope of the organization.

Assemblies hold meetings, some are private and some are open. If they are open, it is possible to participate in them (for example: attending if the capacity allows it, adding points to the agenda, or commenting on the proposals and decisions taken by this organ).

Examples: A general assembly (which meets once a year to define the organisation's main lines of action as well as its executive bodies by vote), an equality advisory council (which meets every two months to make proposals on how to improve gender relations in the organisation), an evaluation commission (which meets every month to monitor a process) or a guarantee body (which collects incidents, abuses or proposals to improve decision-making procedures) are all examples of assemblies.

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Media picture: Community meetings and thematic groups

Community meetings and thematic groups

In this space, you will find all the meetings of the Decidim community!Community meetings ;Bug bash parties ;Decidim hackathons ;And much more!Sessions are organized around thematic areas of work or specific assemblies (which have autonomy of decision in their own field). At the moment the active th…

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