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SOM Decidim.Feedback

Fábrica de Creación Fabra y Coats
C/Sant Adrià 20, Barcelona
Third floor, Room 2
OpenStreetMap - C/Sant Adrià 20, Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

It's time to close the course and evaluate what we have done among all so far.

Contents planned for this session:

  •    Evaluation of the Metadecide community (2016-2019). Participate in the survey
  •     Calendar Free Software Association Decidim and participation process on the internal regulations
  •     Future operation of the Metadecide community
  •     Agreement of collaboration between Barcelona City Council, LOCALRET and Free Software Association Decidim

Decidim feedback papers
Balance of the community since nov16 until now. Results of the survey and content of the Framework Agreement between the Association, Barcelona City Council and Localret
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