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Decidim City Assemblage. Unleashing Decidim's Potential for Inclusive Urban Governance from Barcelona to NEW DELHI

Avatar: Platoniq

A workshop proposal by Platoniq foundation and the Restoration toolbox project

Are you passionate about preserving community heritage? Learn ways to empower citizens to take collaborative measures to preserve their own community heritage through open-source methodologies.

This workshop aims to explore the potential of Decidim in fostering collective management of infrastructural assets in the city. By building on the concepts of collaborative repair and reuse developed by the Restoration Toolbox Decidim platform in India, participants will play collective management, the board game, to simulate the challenges and opportunities of urban development, political culture, and participatory decision-making. In this interactive session, participants will gain insights into how Decidim can empower communities, promote archiving and working with collective intelligence, and co-constitute urban and participation assemblages.

1,5 hours
Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the interplay between e-democracy platforms, urban development models, and the political culture of cities in fostering collective management.
  2. Explore how the features of Decidim can enhance the quality of direct democracy and foster ongoing learning within communities.



  1. Welcome and introductions.
  2. Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda.
  3. Explanation of the Restoration Toolbox and the concept of collective management.

Decidim: Enabling Inclusive Urban Governance

  1. Presentation of real-world examples where Decidim has been successfully used for urban governance.

Board Game Activity: Collective Management Simulated

  1. Participants will be divided into groups to play the Collective Management Board Game

Debrief and Reflection

  1. Group presentations and discussions on the outcomes of the board game activity.
  2. Reflections on the lessons learned and insights gained regarding collective management.
  3. Identification of key success factors and challenges in using Decidim for inclusive urban governance.

Wrap-up and Conclusion

  1. Recap of the workshop highlights and key takeaways.
  2. Evaluation and feedback collection.

Target Audience
: Academics urban planners, community leaders, government officials, and anthropologists will be able to explore how e-democracy platform designs and urban development models and political culture of cities co-constitute each other in their interactions as parts of urban and participation assemblages

Language of the session: English

Logistical needs: projector, sound equipment
Maximum number of participants: 30-35

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2



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