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Collective power and integration: Integrating a Brazilian free software with Decidim

Avatar: David Carlos
David Carlos


Decidim is one of the most complete free software platforms for citizen participation and collaborative governance today. The available functionalities cover a wide range of business needs for participation with various combination possibilities in processes from the simplest to the most complex.

This potential resulted in Decidim being adopted by the administrations of several countries and cities around the world, becoming the gateway to participation for millions of citizens worldwide. This also brings with it a great responsibility to place itself as an interoperable platform connecting with other free software solutions for social participation that can enrich the participatory processes made possible by the Decidim instances around the world.

This workshop aims to outline the integration process of the free tool EJ (Pushing Together) with Decidim in order to offer the possibility of using multi channel poll with opinion groups in initiatives carried out via Decidim. We are going to use a hands-on methodology to detail the integration process to bring together enthusiasts for the kind of use that EJ enables as well as people interested in the integration process itself for use with other free tools in the future.

The workshop will have a duration of 2 hours and a hands-on methodology, divided as follows:

20 minutes: Approaching EJ opinion gathering tool

30 minutes: Technical details of the integration and demo

45 minutes: Using the integration at local instances simulating a participation process

25 minutes: Discussions about the experience and joint roadmaps

Language of the session: Spanish and English

Logistical needs: Desks to accommodate notebooks and that can be organized into 4 to 6 workgroups, WiFi Internet, Projector

Maximum number of participants:
30 people

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 3



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