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Apropriação CosmoTécnica: A importância das experiências de Decidim na Amazônia para a reconstrução da Democracia Brasileira

Avatar: Jader Gama
Jader Gama

In this lightning talk, we want to share with the global community how Decidim arrived in the Amazon, its role in the constitution of the social participation ecosystem, and its implications for the agenda in defense of democracy and environmental and climate issues. We will present how the first approaches to use the tool were made through the Confluências Amazônicas movement, the Popular Participation Program Tá Selado, and Plantaformas Amazônicas.

Confluências Amazônicas Experience:

The Confluências Amazônicas is an instance of Decidim created to organize the collaborative candidacy of Professor Alickson Lopes for the Municipal Chamber of Belém, which later transformed into a laboratory for experimentation and studies. It was crucial for the verticalization of the Amazonian learning curve in Decidim. The Confluências Amazônicas evolved into a movement that sought to expand our dimension of understanding as Amazonian, beyond the geographical facts that lead us to know the space we inhabit. The project comes with the intention and plan to give voice and letter to the contracts that public policy requires, but not without thinking about the proper politics of groups, people, and community. The diversity in being what one wants to be, as a community, or as a people, often does not fit into the institutional structure of the state. The Confluências Amazônicas movement takes the field to provoke dissatisfaction within the structure, creating questions about the structure's own colonialist heritage, in addition to translating democracy by sharing.

Tá Selado Experience:

"Tá Selado" is a citizen participation process that brings together government and residents of Belém to jointly present and evaluate priority proposals that will guide the city's management. These proposals will be the basis for the elaboration of the Multiannual Plan (PPA), Annual Budget Law (LOA), and the long-term plan, "Belém 2035, 200 years of the cabana revolution". Tá Selado is the permanent forum for dialogues between the city hall and communities of neighborhoods, districts, and islands to define axes for conducting city projects of a democratic and popular management.

Plantaformas Movement Experience:

The Plantaformas are an example of how technology can be used to facilitate citizen participation and decision-making at the community level. People can participate and decide on different topics, through the spaces they see in the top menu: Processes, Meetings, Initiatives, Consultations. Within each one, they find different options to participate: make proposals - individually or with other people -, participate in debates, prioritize projects to be implemented, participate in face-to-face meetings, and other actions. The focus of the discussions within are digital rights and the environmental and climate issue from the Amazon.

Brasil Participativo Experience:

"Brasil Participativo" is a free software adapted from the electronic participation platform Decidim, launched by the city of Barcelona in 2016. Developed by the Advanced Laboratory for Production, Research, and Innovation in Software (Lappis) of the UnB Gama Faculty (FGA), Brasil Participativo is the result of a partnership with the federal government, through the National Secretariat for Social Participation of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. There, anyone can make indications of public policies to be registered in the Multiannual Plan (PPA) and executed with priority in the next four years.

We will tell how these and other Amazonian experiences were decisive in enabling the implementation of Decidim in the Federal Government, which counted on the transfer of knowledge from the riverside hackers of the Amazon to the servers of Dataprev, UNB teams, and the Presidency of the Republic.

Idioma del taller: (Castellano and English)

Necesidades logísticas: Necesita de unapantalla, proyector, equipo de sonido u otros elementos.

This proposal was made collaboratively by the Amazonian plantaformas community and the participatory process of its preparation is at this link



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