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Experimenting new formats of Microparticipaciones with Decidim (less is more)

Avatar: Aram


We propose to carry out a workshop-experiment to design new interaction formats in Decidim inspired by "microparticipations" to allow greater and more frequent citizen involvement to be achieved in a way that is 10 times simpler than the current ones, offering democratic guarantees and mitigating polarization.

Workshop approach:

We propose to carry out this process of reflection and sharing of ideas putting into practice some possible micro-participation models and some aggregation mechanisms that can serve as a starting point.

  • Introduction and presentation of the workshop proposal and its objectives
  • Organization of participants in small groups of 5 people
  • Dynamic 1: Designing micro-participation formats that generate engagement
  • Dynamic 2: Identify risks and problems
  • Dynamic 3: Define rules that favor a more efficient, democratic and inclusive aggregation
  • Conclusions and insights to define initial prototypes to put into practice and iterate


  • Identify possible micro-participation formats that generate engagement to incorporate into Decidim.
  • Identify its possible risks and define possible sets of rules that favor a more efficient, democratic and inclusive aggregation of contributions.
  • Identify possible initial prototypes

Target audience:

The workshop is designed for people interested in digital participation, civic engagement and deliberative democracy. Public officials, activists, academics and developers interested in taking advantage of Decidim's potential to promote inclusive and participatory decision-making processes are invited. Although a basic familiarity with the Decidim platform (at the user level) will be valued, it is not a mandatory requirement to participate in the workshop.

Language of the session: Can be Spanish or English

Logistical needs: Projector, desks to accommodate into 4 to 5 workgroups, paper A4 sheets, some pens & post-its of 2 colors.
Maximum number of participants:

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2-3



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