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Limiting the value of projects for participatory budgets

Avatar: Juan Leiva
Juan Leiva
Performing a simulation of a participatory budget of 9.500.000.000€ I tried to create a project of 5.803.980.100€ and gives the following error: F, [2018-11-21T07:52:08.484510 #2831] FATAL -- : [d57dda0f-f395-4243-8c1e-9fede5c6e39a] F, [2018-11-21T07:52:08.484637 #2831] FATAL -- : [d57dda0f-f395-4243-8c1e-9fede5c6e39a] ActiveModel::RangeError (5803980100 is out of range for ActiveModel::Type::Integer with limit 4 bytes): F, [2018-11-21T07:52:08.484720 #2831] FATAL -- : [d57dda0f-f395-4243-8c1e-9fede5c6e39a] F, [2018-11-21T07:52:08.484909 #2831] FATAL -- : [d57dda0f-f395-4243-8c1e-9fede5c6e39a] activemodel (5.2.1) lib/active_model/type/integer.rb:53:in `ensure_in_range' The value for the budget of a project is limited to a 4-byte INT, causing assign as maximum value 4.294.967.295€


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