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Error on languages duplicating a meeting

Avatar: JosanFFiG
When duplicating a meeting: title and description (in the rest of the fields yes), texts doesn't maintained in the different languages ​​enabled on the platform; that is, at least in the view of the administration board, in all languages ​​are displayed in the same language as the one you use to navigate the platform. Let's say I'm using the platform in "Catalan": 1. I create a meeting and put the information in the different languages ​​enabled on the platform, and I save it. 2. When duplicating it, to edit it for a new meeting (same place and timetable with same content, but with a different date), the title and description fields are shown in Catalan, even when I click on to see hat I had written in Spanish on the initial meeting ... 3. Saving the meeting, without editing the second language, the content on user view is displayed in the first language even if you switch language to an other.


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