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This proposal has been implemented

This incidence has been solved. Closed via #4875.

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The withdrawn proposals are taken into account with the limit of proposals per user

Avatar: Isaac Massot
Isaac Massot
EN: When a Proposal Component has limited the creation number of proposals per user (for example 3) and the user has created three proposals, then whithdraqn them, it does not allow to create a fourth proposal. I understand that the limit of proposals, shouldn't be taken into account if the proposals are withdrawn. CA: Quan un component de tipus Proposta, té limitat el número de creació de propostes per usuari (per exemple 3) i l'usuari ha creat tres propostes i les ha retirat, no li permet crear una quarta proposta. Entenc que el limit de propostes, no s'hauria de tenir en compte si les propostes estan retirades. Decidim version 0.15.2


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