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UTF8 & Unicode & Crashes

Avatar: Matt Stone
Matt Stone
More of a gotcha for those in the English speaking world. The default encoding in config/database.yml is unicode. My ubuntu system defaults to UTF8 encoding, and when I installed postgres it defaulted to UTF8 encoding. I was getting lots of "PG Invalid byte sequence for encoding UTF8" crashes and it took me awhile to workout what was going on. I ended up trashing my database, changing the encoding in database.yml to utf8 and starting again. i.e: $ rake db:create db:migrate. All has been good since. It would be great to mention this in the installation instructions. i.e: "Check your System and Postgres locale & character encoding. Decidim defaults to unicode, this will cause problems with if your System & Postgres are using another character encoding, such as UTF8. Your options are: 1. Change the encoding in config/database.yml to reflect your Postgres database encoding. 2. Set the encoding of your Postgres database to unicode upon creation."


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