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Participatory text with wrong format should return an error on upload

Avatar: Gian Luca Corso
Gian Luca Corso
When I upload a participatory text not compliant with the format expected by the application, the file upload generates an error visible on the log I, [2019-05-13T14:10:12.080021 #121877] INFO -- : [3711be75-85d8-4bb3-934f-64513c8c8cc5] Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 25ms (ActiveRecord: 2.8ms) F, [2019-05-13T14:10:12.081692 #121877] FATAL -- : [3711be75-85d8-4bb3-934f-64513c8c8cc5] F, [2019-05-13T14:10:12.081752 #121877] FATAL -- : [3711be75-85d8-4bb3-934f-64513c8c8cc5] Zip::Error (File # has zero size. Did you mean to pass the create flag?): F, [2019-05-13T14:10:12.081794 #121877] FATAL -- : [3711be75-85d8-4bb3-934f-64513c8c8cc5] F, [2019-05-13T14:10:12.081938 #121877] FATAL -- : [3711be75-85d8-4bb3-934f-64513c8c8cc5] rubyzip (1.2.2) lib/zip/file.rb:81:in `initialize' but no error is showed on the GUI, so apparently the upload was not successful without any further explanation. Can you please check? Thanks, Gian Luca


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