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This proposal has been implemented

We know that this was indeed a bug that we had for sometime, but with newer versions (like v0.26.0) this has been solved already. You can check this in this process itself. Don't hesitate to report back if it happens again.

Thank you for contributing!

Prevent proposals from re-sorting on multi-paged lists

Avatar: Lars Kaiser
Lars Kaiser

This may already be part of:, I'm not entirely sure.

If there are many proposals or projects, a multi-page view is created. If random sortition of proposals or projects is enabled by default, the order of the proposals is randomized when accessing a new page and/or a detailed view of the proposal/project. This makes it extremely difficult to have an overview of all projects/proposals and this behavior was mentioned as being irritating when conducting user feedback.

Suggestion: The order of proposals/projects is randomized once when accessing the module or the participatory space. As long as the user is within the module or participatory space, the same order of proposals/projects is kept.

Decidim version 0.22



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