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This proposal has been accepted

Notifications are sent if user posts a comment referring their own proposal/idea/etc.

Avatar: AH
Accepted / In progress

**Describe the bug**
When the user refers their own content from a comment, they are notified by email. I think this is redundant, why do I need to know I just created a comment myself that referred my own proposal?

**To Reproduce**

  1. Create a proposal
  2. Grab a link to that proposal
  3. Create another proposal
  4. Go to the another proposal
  5. Create a comment that refers to the first proposal (add the link to the first proposal to the comment)
  6. Wait a bit
  7. Receive an email that "someone" just mentioned my proposal

**Expected behavior**
I would not expect to get notified about what I just did myself.

**Extra data**

  • Device: (any)
  • Device OS: (any)
  • Browser: (any)
  • Decidim Version: e.g. 0.25, 0.26, ... (the version at MetaDecidim)
  • Decidim installation: e.g. MetaDecidim


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