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Interface: Use of 'support' to mean 'vote' can be confusing

Avatar: John Willson
John Willson

We tried to make 'support' work as a replacement for vote, but it can be confusing for anglophones. It may need to be changed, and should be considered by the team working on the new interface. One possible solution would be to use "support" as the verb and "vote" as the noun, as in "click here to support" and "total number of votes (of support)".

"Supports", except when used in medicine or structural engineering, are uncountable nouns. Decidim is using "support" as a countable noun, which has the following definitions: (

  • [countable] a thing that holds something and prevents it from falling
  • [countable] something you wear to hold an injured or weak part of your body firmly in position

An example of how decidim's use of support as a countable noun can lead to hard-to-understand phrases is "Proposal supports", which would not be easily understandable to anglophones as an equivalent of votes of support.



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