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402 proposals

Bug on initiatives due to description length
I can't edit a collaborative draft
Email is case-sensitive during sign-in
Invitations to Initiatives are sent before they are published
Es mostra malament la informació d'un resultat al mòdul seguiment
Error message when I cannot withdraw my proposal is not explicite enough
Header snippets field can't be updated
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
GraphQL: Cannot return null for non-nullable field
Notification error with strings
Two buttons "create" and "send" when creating a managed user
Wrong dates debates and Order Debates
FIltering results via category
Removed propositions still visible in the "recent activity" section on the front page
Error en la visualització dels comentaris a l'Ultima Activitat (HOME)
Conversation threads don't diplay in the correct order (most recent first)
El cos de la proposta no es renderitza correctmaent
Can't copy paste some camp body
Votes count appear on linked proposals even when votes are not activated
Visibilitat de procés privat vs grup de processos
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