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405 proposals

Can't copy paste some camp body
Notifications does not work on Metadecidim
Google sign-in icon reduced to tiny size when unregistered user makes new proposal
Metric for Participants in the Admin Dashboard is too high
Newsletter Preview
Category no appears on Debates Card
Name of submitter not included in Proposal component export
Private assemblies are shown when becoming childs from another assembly.
Invitació a participar bloqueja el registre d'usuari
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Wrong dates debates and Order Debates
Data error when creating propossal
Error visiting a proposal on a participatory text-enabled component
Registro de bots (spam)
Error de servidor al aceptar invitación a
Encuentros duplicados en portada
Signatura iniciativa a través de SMS
Tool tip text displayed with tags on "Visit URL" link
Dynamic multifield sections do not currently work correctly with IE11
Cannot cancel an up/a down vote on a comment
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