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44 proposals

Attachments are lost when publishing a collaborative draft proposal
Participatory texts - file format support in admin
Cannot search for #hashtags in proposal search bar
Nickname validation is not in place
The hashtag is not rendered in the user's timeline
"Back" link brings to "Complete" step when comparing proposals
Consultations created before version 0.16 do not work if there is no scope (global scope)
Do not notify if the user triggers a notification to themselves
Continuity badge counter does not reset
Pixelated photo when a process is displayed on the homepage
Participatory texts - error uploading UTF-8 files
Amendments can't be blocked
I can't edit a collaborative draft
Error when entering a Conference event
Columnes amb dates, no mostren l'any
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Participatory texts - several format issues in document view
Linking to other modules than proposals in comments always leads to proposal links
Participatory text - Amendments are displayed in the index of the participatory text
Clicking on edit a proposal from the frontend leads you to the general table of proposals.
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