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Decidim is a software for democratic participation and a political project. The fact that it is a platform for the commons, developed in free/libre and open software, that does not extract or commercialise the data of those who use it, that guarantees privacy and security, that has no advertising and does not bombard with distractions is a political decision. This is why we say that it is not a social network but a political one.

The Decidim Free Software Association is in charge of ensuring that all these principles are fulfilled. Until now, it has been supported mainly on a voluntary basis and thanks to public funds that have allowed us to hire two people.

In order to guarantee our autonomy and the defence of these values, we need funding. Today we need your support to contribute to our mission. 

Your donation helps to maintain the source code, new developments, management and quality of Decidim's outreach.

Decidim is a digital commons, by contributing to the project you return part of what you have obtained to the commons.

Make your contribution here

Thank you very much,

The Decidim team


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