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Product update: bug bash party, what’s next

Avatar: Decidim Product
Decidim Product

Recently we had our first bug bash party, with several members of the Decidim community. The goal was to collectively test the alpha version of release 0.28, which already incorporates much of the redesign, and report bugs and UI usability issues.

For the first time, we can say that the meeting was a success, both for people who participated and for the number of reports, almost 150 in just two hours! 😅

The good news is that despite this volume, we have not encountered any serious problems, and we have already incorporated several in the backlog to solve them in the coming days. 

However, on the other hand, aside from these sessions helping us to improve the platform, it also give us an environment to meet as a community which is incredibly valuable, so as a result, we are going to coordinate with the release parties working group to see how we can structure them periodically.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved, and kudos to the teams who are now picking up the torch to implement all these changes! 🙌

Next steps

We're running a little late but we haven't deviated too much from the forecast in our last post:

“The plan is to release a first Alpha version when the redesign is a bit more advanced and it is scheduled to be shared with the community (around late May - early June). The Beta will follow and we’ll organize a release party to identify any pending issues.”

From next week most of the teams start (a well deserved) holiday, nevertheless, during the month of August we are going to make progress on:

  • The redesign of the admin panel.
  • Fixing bugs in the frontend.
  • The elaboration of a design guide with the fundamentals for applying the new design to new developments and modules.

In September we’ll update you about the final release of the 0.28 version, the resumption of contributions to the main repo and the detailed roadmap for 2023 and 2024.

Happy summer to all! 🏖

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