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This proposal has been implemented

  • It is funded by Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya.
  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract.

Possibility to force login before accessing the platform

Avatar: AH
May be against the "open democracy" ideology and all but we have modified a Decidim instance which requires users to log in before they can access any page in the system. The reason is that the organization wanted to use Decidim's features openly within their organization but they don't want anyone outside of their organization to be able to access this information. They have e.g. idea collection there that may be a violation to employee's privacy in case that information was public but within that organization, it is OK to be visible for all. Therefore, I think this should be a feature in Decidim, it would open up new use cases for the system as an open democracy tool for oranizations like "Let your employees participate to the decision making inside your organization". This could be a configuration under the "system admin" panel where you would check a box which would then force users to log in as in the example screenshot.


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