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More technical styling options for the comments component

Avatar: AH
We got a request that the "officialized" users’ comments should be emphasized in the comments list with a different color. Now the only visible visual cue for this is the star badge next to the user's name. Currently particularly hard to implement as we need to "fork" the whole comments component as it is a self contained react application. Our temporary approach for this will most likely be to implement some jQuery on the page that applies the custom classes. This would be easier to implement if more CSS classes were introduced to the comments component to be able to style them through CSS. This would be rather easy to implement to the component itself but forking it seems clunky. We suggest adding a custom class to the element in this case. This would not affect any existing instances or their styling. This would be just an extra class that can be used in case the styling needs to be customized. Are there any other options others would like to have in the component?


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