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Bugets - Allocate budget for specific categories

Avatar: AH
We had a real life case where a town is using Decidim for their participatory budgeting. They had the following kind of "topics" for which they had already allocated specific budget (one budget per topic): - General wellbeing - 40% of the budget - Culture and arts - 10% of the budget - Town areas (5 areas in total) - 5-15% of the total budget depending on the area's population Each of the "topics" had specific allocated amount of the total budget. We implemented it using separate budgeting components for each of the topics but from the end user perspective this is not ideal as they need to vote on multiple separate "votings". A better way would be to have ability to allocate specific amount of the total budget per topic and then cast a single vote for the total budget. This would need more thinking in regards of the UX, just leaving this here for further discussions for now. The reason they had allocated the budget like this was political, so the people running the process could not influence that at this point.


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