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UX / Allow sorting for budgeting projects in the UI

Avatar: AH
Currently the budgeting projects are displayed in random order which is great for general users who are using the platform themselves and casting a single vote for themselves. I understand this and this is good way not to unintentionally emphasize any particular project only because of its order in the listing. However, when the admin users are impersonating other users to help non-digitally able people to do the voting, they are finding it irritating that the order of the listing changes constantly. They are doing this on tablets where searching the listing is much slower than on a desktop or a laptop computer. Therefore, it should be possible to change the order of the projects from the UI to alphabetical order. This would help and speed up those "manual" voting situations as they would find the same project always from the same position. In fact, I wouldn't necessarily see it a bad change for the general users either because they are also sometimes confused when they go to the project and come back to the listing after which the order has changed. The default order could be made configurable as well.


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