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Configure an entry page for each process

Avatar: Katja Henttonen
Katja Henttonen
One should be able to configure an entry tab (main page) for each process and this should change according to process phase. Now users are always directed to the process tab when they click "participate" on a process card. This forces users to move themselves to another tab such as "proposals" or "budjeting" before they can do anything. This can sometimes make sense (for instructions) but often it is just an annoying extra click and a usability hazard (since surprisingly many people do not figure instinctively out how to use tabs). The entry tab should be configurable and easy to change when process enters a new phase. For example, when the budgeting phase is running, its should be possible to make users go to the budgeting tab directly when they click 'participate' (instead of forcing a visit to the process main page and an extra click from there).


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