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Create new "Department Admin" role

Avatar: Oliver Valls
Oliver Valls
Funding: Generalitat de Catalunya [EN] In order for this feature to work, two conditions must be fulfilled: 1- Processes must have an area. 2- The new department admin must have an area assigned. It is an intermediate role between superadministration and the role of administrator of all the participatory spaces of a department. Normally, organizations have an intermediate structure that manages the processes / assemblies. So a participatory process should be manageable from the department / area / participation section responsible for it. ## "Super-administrator" functions - assign the administration of one area to the new "department admins". - edit the area of the "department admins" (adaptations to new organizational charts). - Areas can be created and modified. You can not delete those areas that are currently being used in some process. ## Department/area admin functions (new) Yes you can: - The area administrator can create / manage all those processes / assemblies that are assigned to his area area. - can create new processes / assemblies directly related to his area. - All the functions that the administrator has in a process / assembly (moderation, members, limitation, management components). - Send selective newsletter (pending approval) She will not be able to: - Edit areas - Invite new area administrators


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