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This proposal has been implemented

  • Reviewed by @product and included in Decidim Roadmap
  • It is funded by Barcelona City Council
  • Developed by Codegram
  • Available in release 0.23 via #6095

Let participants create meetings on participatory processes

Avatar: Innovació Democràtica
Innovació Democràtica
This is an old petition resulting from SOM held in CC Sortidor (Barcelona) on may 2017: the idea is to give permissions to participants to create meetings on participatory processes. One case of use, in the case of Barcelona could be the Estrategic City Council Planning. To create proposals for this planning, specially associations/organizations used to make calls for specific meetings to discuss about which are gonna be the proposals they are going to present as group/ collective. In order to have a complete view of what this process means on participation levels and its impact in the city, participants on PX debate group, and as a demand coming from participation technicians from the City Council, are asking for this new feature to be implemented on decidim for the next Estrategir City Council Planning coming in the next months. Decidim Team wanted us to open a debate on MetaDecidim to discuss about this issue, so here you have.


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