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This proposal has been implemented

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • It is funded by Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
  • Available in release 0.19 via #5178

[EN] Improvements to amendments

Avatar: CodiTramuntana
Wizard -Craetion a wizard: 1- Draft 2- Compare amendments (same process) 3- Preview + Publish/Discard Admin improvements -Display options: The administrator can configure whether an amendment is visible to everyone or the participant only views the amendments that he has created -> Only when amendment is enabled -Configuration of amendments by phase of the participatory process ->Now, it is not possible to activate or desactivate the creation of amendments according to the phase of the participatory process -File export: Add the following fields 1- Field that indicates if it is an amendment 2- Field that indicates statuts of amendment 3- Field that indicates participants and participants group have endorsed (text) 4- Field that indicates which proposal is being amended 5- Field that indicates the url of the change in the proposal 6- Diff.xsl (if we have enough hours) Identifcation changes: -Identification of changes to the amendment: 1- When an amendment is not replied, amend the current updated proposal (with the incorporation of previously accepted amendments). 2- When an amendment is answered, the changes will be displayed with the proposal that amended its time (although not the latest version of the proposal because they have been accepted later, as a photo of that moment)


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