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This proposal has been implemented

This debate has reached a consensual conclusion (see thread of comments). Changes applied in:

Clarify the terms of the APGL license and its relation with the Social Contract

Avatar: Ivan Vergés
Ivan Vergés
I recently received a comment in my Decidim installation guide asking if the adoption of the Social Contract was mandatory to install Decidim. Please see all the discussion here to understand the context (I encourage everybody to read the thread): As a summary: I said that the only legal constraint is the AGPL license and the Social Contract is about being part of the Decidim community. However, it seems that the social contract itself does not clarify this aspect and he proposes to change that. QUOTING: I suggest replacing this sentence from the Social Contract "The use and development of the Decidim platform by an institution or social group of any kind involves the full and integral acceptance of, and commitment to, this social-contract." by this one: The Decidim software is covered by the AGPL license. [You can use it, modify it and redistribute derived versions of it you respect the AGPL license.] Contributions to the Decidim software are moderated by the Decidim association. You are welcome to take part of our association if you accept our Social Contract. Similarily, using the platform requires you to respect our Social Contract. END OF QUOTE I am not sure if this should be exactly the change needed but I agree with the spirit. I would be nice to hear everybody's opinion on this matter.


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