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Analytics and statistics


This proposal has been rejected because:

After discussing and reviewing the PR for BarcelonaEnergia, we think that this should belong on their own module. One particular thing about this change is that there could be some missing APIs/contracts on decidim/decidim. For instance on this case we should make a partial only for this "Cards/OG/Twitter" metadata, now it's all on `app/views/layouts/decidim/_head.html.erb` and we should have a `app/views/layouts/decidim/_head_metadata.html.erb` or something similar.

Possibility of customizing the image of the Home that is shared on social networks

Avatar: CodiTramuntana
Now, the image that is shared is the hero image. With this improvement: -Customize with a different image to be shared in social networks through a section in Configuration (Backoffice) If we have enough time: -Possibility to customize an image for twitter and facebook through a section in Configuration (Backoffice). This feature is funding by: BarcelonaEnergia (


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