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This proposal has been implemented

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • Developed by Platoniq
  • Available in release 0.19 via #5356

Allow multi-choice questions in consultations

Avatar: Ivan Vergés
Ivan Vergés
This is another improvement for consultations. It allows the admin to configure multiple choices for a particular question. This will allow the participant to vote between a range of a minimum and a maximum number, according to configuration. Screenshot attachment is provided with the relevant UI changes. Among the changes these are relevant: 1. A new configuration section on the question admin panel. Instead of mixing everything in the information section, I find more usable to create a specific section for creating advanced configuration. 2. If no configuration is done, or maximum number of votes is 1, then the regular modal window is shown (nothing changes from the actual behavior). 3. If more than 1 choice is allowed, a new page is presented to the user, with checkboxes. Javascript and internal logic will validate the maximum-minimum values. Counter will decrease according to the number of options chosen. 4. Public results page for the question will add a widget to inform users about the rules applied and the number of unique users participating a part from the total number of votes for every choice.


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