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This proposal has been implemented

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • Developed by Codi Tramuntana
  • Available in release 0.19 via #5304

Improvements in the management of private participants

Avatar: CodiTramuntana
An assembly can be private. This indicates that it is not an assembly open to general participation, it is limited. Either by a territorial or sectoral scope. Currently, the management of private participants is one to one load. The improvement would be to have the ability to upload a CSV with names and emails to upload a group of participants together. In this way an assembly admin or a superadmin can manage the private participants in a more agile way. Improvements: -Upload a CSV with names and emails. -Send notification to a previously registered participant. -The management of private participants would be maintained. You can remove them, as well as upload more CSVs for new uploads.


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