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This proposal has been implemented

  • Has been reviewed by Decidim Product and complies with the Social Contract
  • It is funded by BOSA (Belgium)
  • Developed by Open Source Politics 
  • Available in release 0.20 via #5516

Enable configs for omniauth providers at the org level

Avatar: Virgile Deville
Virgile Deville
This feature aims to enhance the capabilities of the multi-tenant mode of Decidim. Currently when using multi-tenant, the omniauth config you have for social providers (or other SSO) are made for the whole installation and are shared by all orgs. Problem is organizations have different hosts and you can only declare one call back with the social providers. As a super admin (meaning I have access to /system) I want to be able to manage my omniauth configuration where I create and edit the organizations. For each orgs should be available : - All the providers (activated on the installation) and the necessary fieds to set them up ( clients id and client secret) - As all the orgs on the same install won't want to activate all the omniauth connectors I'll need a checkbox to activate them one by one so that they display on the sign in and sign up page (and the modals). Alternatively if config fields are not filled the app could understand that it shouldn't activate them.


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