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Analytics and statistics


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Basic socio-demographic data on participants

Avatar: Virgile Deville
Virgile Deville
As an admin I need to collect basic socio demographic information on participants. I need this data in order to perform statistical analysis of my participatory processes : - Which neighbourhood were represented - Gender balance - Age balance This demand is getting recurrent from public institutions who want to know who they reaching and how they can adjust their outreach effort. Type of fields that are asked for most often - Age - Gender - Address There are many possible ways to do this and the task is threefold : - Choose where to add the fields - Encrypt in the database the personal data collected (using : - Making this data available for stats. ## Where to locate the fields : First option available but that we are not really happy with is : Adding fields directly on the sign up form, here is an example Second option that would be more elegant is : Using a custom authorization handler to which we redirect the user right after signup. This allows to activate or deactivate the form on any organization of a multi-tenant instance. Third options would be a combining an authorization to a decidim-form so that the admin can easily personnalise the info asked to the user. ## Where to make the data available ? - Intuitively one would add these fields as new columns to the exports available in admin (proposals, debates, comments) but that works when the content where created by a unique author. What about proposal that have multiple authors (collaborative drafts, amendments) or even proposal that were created by a user group. - Another idea is to display the data as a detailed view of the participant stat that is calculated at the participatory space level Happy to discuss this with all of you as I know it's been a tricky subject for all of us.


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