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Ability to ban users or IP addresses

Avatar: AH

**Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** Decidim comes with a content moderation tool which is cool.

However, this does not provide the ability to ban whole user accounts or possibly IP addresses. This is necessary in order to moderate the content on the website correctly.

We have had reports of such users spamming the content section full of junk content and advertisements. It is quite a big job to go over all these posts individually and moderate them as we are not even requiring the users to confirm their email address to allow them on the platform. **Describe the solution you'd like** There should be new moderation tools available for the system:

  • Ban a user account
  • Hide all content (automatically moderate it) posted by the banned account (this should be optional as there can be still users with valid content banned otherwise)
  • Ban IP addresses (the user accounts are already storing the last IP address they used, so this information can be further utilized for the IP ban)

**Describe alternatives you've considered** Currently we are adding the IP bans directly to the server configuration which is inconvenient to manage. **Additional context** There could be also automatic banning measures, e.g. if the same user has 5 messages hidden by moderation during the last hour, they are automatically banned. **Does this issue could impact on users private data?** Yes, storing of the IP address. But Decidim is already doing that.



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