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Surveys with answers can't be edited and answers can't be deleted.

Avatar: Pierre Mesure
Pierre Mesure

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Second time this happens, an admin creates a survey, tests it themselves and wants to edit it. But it's of course impossible because they already submitted an answer and it's impossible to delete any of the results.

Describe the solution you'd like

A button to delete the answers of the survey?

Describe alternatives you've considered

Of course, as soon as you talk about deleting user contributions, there is a risk of censorship. I feel like it is moderate if the option is only to reset all the results. No risk of an admin cherry-picking the results that suit them before exporting. Of course, any reset should be logged.

If we had the possibility of duplicating components, I guess we could just do it and hide/remove the already answered survey. But this seems like an overkill.

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