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Improvements for the participatory texts module

Avatar: Ariadna Vila
Ariadna Vila

Lately I’ve been working with the participatory texts module and so I’ve found some improvements that we could make to the modul. 

1) To add an option to download the final text once it has been amended and modified. 

This should be done from the back office. The file must maintain paragraphs and separations, regardless of the sections into which the text is divided. 

2) When importing a text, the draft or edition section is confusing. 

One way to improve this is to not make it mandatory to add a title in every section in which the text is divided. 

On the public view of the text, a title won’t be displayed if there’s no title; at this time a default number is displayed as title if there's no text. 

3) Disable the possibility of amending when “accepted”

If the option to provide “response” (accept, reject) is enabled, and the admin “accepts” one section of the text (after the amendment process), it should no longer be possible to amend that part of the text as it is considered to be finished.

4) Remove the obligation to amend the title. 

When someone wants to add an amendment or when the admin wants to edit the text from the back office, It’s always have to change the title, even if you don’t want to. 

I think that these changes can improve a lot the use of the participatory texts module. What do you think?



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