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Gamification of the administration

Avatar: Elie Gaboriau
Elie Gaboriau

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Administrators don’t often use Decidim at its maximum potential. An instance of Decidim well configured and well administered is an instance which is more likely to generate a good citizens’ participation. 

Describe the solution you'd like

To help administrators into doing this, a participative assistant could be activated : a little assistant who recommends some actions, and rewards you with points when those actions are completed. Those actions are gathered in categories, as “Configuration”, “Edition”, “Interaction”, “Collaboration”. According to your score, you can gain levels and change your recommendations for more advanced actions.


Assistant view


Floating view


Describe alternatives you've considered

A tutorial, to guide the onboarding, and to make sure the administrator gets to know everything he or she can do on the platform.

Additional context

After a first analysis with one of our back-end dev we reckon it might be hard to build this in a module as it will require many extends that will be hard to maintain over time. If the community is willing to accept is as a contribution we’d love to send a contribution.

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